Remembering the deadliest fire in US history

Remembering the deadliest fire in US history

Remembering the deadliest fire in US history

The deadliest fire in US history raged through Peshtigo, Wisconsin.

On October 8, 1871, a firestorm roared through Peshtigo and surrounding areas. It not only killed over 2,000 people, it also destroyed the entire community and its livelihood. The Peshtigo Fire Museum preserves this heritage through:

  • storytelling,
  • exhibits of artifacts from the fire,
  • displays of the lifestyle at the time of the disaster, and
  • a cemetery to memorialize those who died.

The Fire Museum is housed in the first church built after the fire.

Gift Shop

A counter in the museum displays mementos and books available for purchase. (Online purchases are not available.)


Please email; no phone calls

2018: May 24 through Oct. 8
10:00 am – 4:00 pm daily


Donations accepted

Tour guides are always available. If your group has ten or more people, we ask that you schedule a tour.
Fill out the Tour Request Form or call 715-582-3244 (during the season only).


If your class/group/organization would like a presentation of the fire story, please click here for more information. 

Some of the things you’ll see on your visit 

See museum guide

Fire Museum location

400 Oconto Avenue
Peshtigo, Wisconsin USA




National Geographic Diggers comes to Peshtigo

National Geographics Diggers came to Peshtigo

Diggers is a reality show on the National Geographic Channel in which hobbyist metal detectorists “King George” Wyant Tim “The Ringmaster” Saylor look for lost relics of history. They came to Peshtigo in 2015 to investigate the site of the former railroad station destroyed in the fire. The episode was aired August 17, 2015. Artifacts they found are on display in the Peshtigo Fire Museum.

Watch the Diggers episode

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